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Automate your home

Ramadi Get complete control over your home with your voice by consulting with us about making your home smart. Go from the stone age to fully connected in less time than ever before.

"My [Nest] is amazing. I have two: one in my living room and another upstairs in the master bedroom. It has saved me energy and money from the get-go. It’s stylish design fits in any room and stands out while also being minimal."
Taylor D.
"Intuitive and Natural!"

About the nest The Nest Learning Thermostat is an incredibly efficient, easy-to-use programmable thermostat. Its automatic scheduling feature is a valuable addition to any home.

Save on your monthly bills

Loveland The thermostat’s Airwave feature shuts off your AC compressor early but leaves the fan running, using leftover cold air to cool your home for a short while.

Auto Scheduling

Goya Auto-Schedule is a feature that learns your daily heating and cooling temperatures and times during the first week of use and creates a schedule based on your preferences to make the most efficient use of your thermostat.

Make your home smart

It has never been easier to get a smart house. Contact us by clicking the button below and select the "Home Automation" Topic.

fall in love with NEST features

Real time stats

Get real time information on your nest app that can be downloaded onto any device, whether you're an apple fan or a windows fan.

Energy Efficient

Save hundreds of dollars on your electricity and gas bills with the nest thermostat. Take advantage of today's cutting edge technology to maximize your comfort.

Professional Installation

Climate Masters has professionals on call to check out your home and get you a direct quote to install and configure a new nest in your home.

Full Integration

You can connect many modern devices to make the most use of your nest, including devices like your iPad, your phone, Amazon Alexa and Google Home!

Additional Features

You can tell your nest when you are away so that the nest ensures you are not wasting any energy. Say goodbye to those ridiculous utility bills after a vacation. Forgot to turn it off? No problem. You can shut it off from your cellphone.

"There's An App For That"

In today's world, everything is connected through apps, including your new nest. You can adjust the temperature from the comfort of your bedroom or office without even having to go to the thermostat.

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